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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Mental Health Services

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services  
CAMHS is a multi-agency team including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses and social workers providing county wide services. The service specialises in delivering assessment, support, therapeutic intervention and treatment for children and young people with both emerging and complex and enduring mental health difficulties. We work closely with other health and care services and also work with children in the community who may require specialist in-patient treatment, often preventing admission.

Within CAMHS is a service specifically for children and young people with moderate to profound learning disabilities who have mental health and/or complex behavioural needs. The LD CAMHS team consists of a range of specialist learning disability clinicians and places great emphasis on empowering parents and working closely alongside other agencies and across settings (such as home, special schools, short break services and clinics). In addition the team provides support to the wider CAMHS team to enable access to mainstream health services for young people with learning disabilities wherever possible. For information on how to make a referral please Click here 

Part of Starting Well Service, promoting and supporting emotional wellbeing for children and young people aged 5-19 years old. Offer short-term group support programmes for those experiencing emotional difficulties, specifically anxiety, low mood and self-harm. 


Online counselling and emotional well-being platform for children and young people, accessible through mobile, tablet and desktop and free at the point of use.

Community Eating Disorder service for children and Young People (CEDS-CYP)

The Community Eating Disorder Service for Children and Young People is a newly developing service, specialising in the treatment of eating disorders in children and young people aged 8 to 17 ½. We work across the CAMHS Worcestershire bases, with an eating disorder lead clinician in CAMHS teams in Worcester, Redditch and Wyre Forest. 

Consultation, Advice, Support and Training (CAST)
CAST works directly with professionals who are working with young people experiencing or at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties including; School Nurses, Teachers, GPs, Health Visitors, Social workers and Family support workers. The service offers consultation, advice, support and training which can be specifically tailored to suit the professional seeking the service.

Adult Acute Admissions Treatment Ward (Hill Crest) 
Inpatient treatment of people with acute episode mental illness.

Adult Inpatient Assessment Ward (Holt Ward)  
Holt Ward is a 14 Bed, mixed gender assessment ward based in Worcester.

Community Assessment Recovery Service 
This is a new service replacing the old Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs). Staff will provide care and treatment if you have more severe or enduring mental health illnesses either in clinics or by visiting you at home.

Cromwell House
Complex Community based ‘inpatient’ rehabilitation unit

The service works with people with high levels of disability from complex co-morbid conditions that require a longer period of inpatient rehabilitation to stabilise. This group has significant associated risks to their own health and/or safety and/or others. This patient group may have been in ward/restrictive settings for many years and lost/not developed independent living skills.

Expected length of admission: 12-18 months

The Enhanced Primary Care Mental Health Service (EPCMHS)
This service is for people aged 16 and over; experiencing mental ill health with psychological problems, whilst continuing to cope on a daily basis. We provide a range of interventions including psychological and mental health assessment, time-limited individual therapy.

Healthy Minds 
Worcestershire Healthy Minds supports people, aged 16 and over, who are experiencing problems such as stress, anxiety, low mood and depression. 

We help people improve their mental wellbeing through a range of interventions such as short courses, talking therapies, and self- help information.

Home Treatment Teams
Service for patients in Worcestershire to be treated in their own homes as an alternative to hospital admission to psychiatric ward. We also facilitate early discharge for patients admitted.


Keith Winter Close
Standard Community based ‘inpatient’ rehabilitation unit with 15 beds

The service works with people with complex mental health needs who cannot be discharged directly from hospital to an independent or supported community placement due to their on-going high levels of need. The focus is on facilitating further recovery through optimising medication regimes, engagement in psychosocial interventions and gaining skills for more independent living.

Expected length of admission: 3-6 months (up to but not exceeding 12 months)Risk Management: Staffed 24 hours a day by nurses and support workers with regular input from other members of the MDT.


Mental Health Liaison Team   
The Mental Health Liaison Team respond to all mental health referrals from A&E & to referrals for patients admitted as a result of a suicide attempt or self-harm across the Acute hospitals.
The Older Adult Mental Health Service respond to all mental health referrals within the Acute Hospitals

Older Adults Mental Health Inpatient Units (Athelon Ward and New Haven) 
The wards support service users over the age of 65 who are suffering with mental health needs (functional illness) which requires in-patient treatment.

Early Intervention Dementia Service 
This service is available to people of any age, registered with a GP in Worcestershire who are experiencing memory problems and do not have a formal diagnosis of dementia. 

New Opportunities Worcesterhire 
This a new service which replaces the previous Vocational Support Service. It gives greater support to assist people to improve skills, gain confidence and increase concentration to enable them to move into mainstream activities or progress onto other parts of the pathway including Re-ablement and Indivdual Placement and Support. 

Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) (Worcester)  
Offers multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment of individuals whose level of risk make it inappropriate for them to be placed an a general adult ward.

Reablement Service Hub (Worcestershire)  
Increase community based valued roles and activities, including reducing social isolation by providing people with opportunities to extend their social networks and form relationships not only with other people with mental health difficulties and staff, but also with people outside the mental health system. 

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Service 
The IPS Service supports those living with severe mental health difficulties to find and retain employment.


Tudor Lodge  

Registered care home providing social care to people with enduring mental health needs, excluding persons with a learning disability or dementia and persons who are subject to the mental health act. 

Wellbeing Hub 
Worcestershire Wellbeing Hub is an information and signposting service for people over the age of 16 who are experiencing low mood, anxiety or stress, and feel that they would benefit from support from local community providers.  


Who to contact in a crisis? 
If you're experiencing a mental health crisis click here for a range of options and support

Specialist Services

Worcestershire's Early Intervention Service Worcestershire's Early Intervention Service addresses the needs of young people (aged 14-35) with a first episode of psychosis or of bipolar disorder (specifically bipolar l). We also offer a time-limited intervention to young people with an At Risk Mental State (ARMS). 

Helping pregnant women and women with babies up to nine months old with psychiatric problems.

Eating Disorder Service (Worcestershire)   
Assessment for people who suffer with eating disorders. We work collaboratively with patients to work towards recovery and offer a range of interventions that are tailored to individual need. We provide support and information for families, carers and other health professionals.

SHAPE stands for ‘Supporting Health And Promoting Exercise’. A 12 week programme which targets both mental and physical wellbeing  designed specifically for people with  serious mental illness  who are at risk of developing diabetes/ CVD and other  associated physical health conditions. SHAPE aims to support  individual goals to  manage  weight , stop / reduce smoking, offers nutritional advice and encourages an Increase in  activity levels alongside  a targeted exercise programme.