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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Community Engagement Panel

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The 'Community Engagement Panel' is a group of Patients and Carers that are involved in providing a sense checking service with any service redesigns.

the work of the panel is to offer an advisory and ambassadorial role in terms of Trust services which include community services etc. The panel also works to support the work of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership workstreams

The benefits of having Patient and Carers involved in this way is that they provide unique input into the decision process and ensuring they are involved from the beginning of a service redesign ensures Patient and Carers have the opportunity to work with staff to make sure the service meets the needs.

Working together to come up with options to provide services within budget and meeting all necessary guidelines.

We're currently looking for new members with a range of backgrounds and opinions for our panel with specific interests around: Children Young People and Families, Technology and Community Services. If you feel that have an interest in any of these areas and you could commit to a monthly meeting please contact: jane.thomas30@nhs.net