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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

How to Make a Referral

Currently CAMHS only accept referrals from Professionals working with Children and Young People where there is concern that the Child/ Young Person has a Mental Health problem.
Most of our referrals come from GPs however we find it more helpful when the person who knows the Child and the concerns better makes the referral. We prioritise appointments based on the Mental Health need and not who referred to CAMHS.

If you are unsure whether the concerns you have will be suitable for CAMHS you can either call SPA and speak to the Duty Clinician or contact the Clinicians who work in our County Wide Tier 2 Team.
The Tier 2 Team can support other workers in the workforce to understand Mental Health problems and how they can affect Children and Young People. They aim to do this through advice, support, training and attending multi agency meetings.

If you feel a referral to CAMHS is needed please complete the online Referral Form, ensuring all fields are completed as requested.

Where the Young Person is aged 16+ we only require the consent of the Young Person but encourage that carers are actively involved in the care of the Young Person.
We work with Children and Young People aged 0-18 years where there is an identified Mental Health Concern. If a Young Person is aged 17 years 6 months or over the referral age, the referral will not be accepted and is to be sent to Adult Mental Health Services.

As we are a Mental Health Service this means we work with Children and Young People who are experiencing Mental Health difficulties such as;

  • ·Depression
  • ·Eating disorders like anorexia
  • ·Psychosis
  • ·Significant anxiety
  • ·Significant self-harm

CAMHS is not a counselling or behaviour management service however clinicians do provide these interventions where appropriate for Children and Young People where we have identified a Mental Health problem.

CAMHS is not the service to assess for neurodevelopmental disorders like ASD (autistic spectrum disorders) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) however we do work closely with the Umbrella Service, providing the psychology assessments within this diagnostic pathway.

If you feel the Child/ Young Person you are concerned about meets criteria please click the link below and complete our Referral Form.
We understand that few Children and Young People will have Mental Illness(s) and therefore the more information you can provide on the Referral Form will help us to identify which Children and Young Person we need to see.
We have staff who work with youth offending and with looked after children, who may not have a Mental Illness but their Mental Health may be of concern due to their life experiences.

Learning Disability (LD) CAMHS

The LD CAMHS team works with children and young people with moderate to profound learning disabilities who have mental health difficulties or are presenting with significant behavioural challenges such as physical aggression or self-injury where these behaviours:

  • Are sufficiently severe or frequent to require specialist intervention
  •  Impact significantly on the young person’s quality of life/health
  •  Are persistent and occur across a range of settings


Behavioural/parenting interventions (such as the Triple P Stepping Stones parent training course or support from Family Front Door services) will need to have been tried in the first instance unless the referrer feels the situation is too complex or severe for these to be of any significant benefit.

See the link below for the full LD CAMHS referral criteria.


Worcestershire CAMHS Single Point of Access:

CAMHS Single Point of Access
Wildwood West Wing,1st Floor
County Hall Campus, Spetchley Road
Tel: 01905 768 300
Email: WHCNHS.CAMHS-SPA@nhs.net

Working hours:
Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

Any professional can refer into CAMHS

CAMHS Referral Form

CAMHS Referral Form - GP Use Only

Referral Criteria